10 Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

The online dating is a brand new occurrence that was introduced to the wide audience in the 21st century. It has brought the interpersonal Relationships to a whole new level. Today, to meet someone, people don’t necessarily need to be in public; everything is done remotely by means of the internet. All those regular and 60 plus dating sites online were primarily introduced to help people find their second halves faster. And, naturally, such an innovative form of Dating has arrived with some renewed rules of attraction.

  • Modesty is no longer ‘trendy’

A couple of decades ago, modesty was a normal state of things, however, these days, it’s just a little bit different. If you are too shy and restrained in your words and actions, then you’ll most likely get ignored by the majority of sociable users.

  • Bragging is even worse

When we speak of modesty, we, of course, don’t mean it has to be substituted by bragging. So, instead of writing something like “I know the best restaurants and all the key players in this city”, you’d better say “I know a good place to visit”. This way you won’t get a generous eye roll from a person you talk to.

  • Try your best to make your profile catchy

The worst thing you could do is write some trite sentences in your status/description bar. Try to avoid phrases such as “I like music and cinema”. Use your imagination, think of something eye-catching.

  • Don’t refer to your past

We assume nobody’s fond of hearing the sob stories from the past and reading about someone’s love affairs. By all means, avoid referring to topics like that. A person you communicate with wants your attention to be totally focused on them and not on your ex.

  • Reduce your wish list to minimum

Here’s another tip, whenever you apply for a dating site, don’t start your search process by posting a list of demands, e.g. blue eyes, long dark hair, slender body, etc. You may just get plenty of mocking messages in response.

  • Add a quality photo

The true fact is, all profiles without a relevant photo are automatically referred to as scam accounts and their owners get blocked by a major part of site users. For that not to happen, add a nice full-resolution photo to your profile.

  • Avoid shirtless selfies

If the guys posting shirtless shots knew how boring and annoying those photos seem to women, they wouldn’t do that for sure. It is, undoubtedly, a good thing that you keep fit, yet, mind what you are doing prior to uploading anything of that sort.

  • Realize you may get no messages

The harsh reality is that lots of newcomers receive no messages for quite awhile. So don’t wait for the messages. Start finding interesting people yourself.

  • Don’t message for too long

Once you’ve found a person that seems to be your type, don’t engage in a long time messaging. 10-15 letters are more than enough to invite them for dinner.

  • Always call the next day

And one last piece of advice we’d like to give is to always call your date back. This way you’ll demonstrate your politeness and a strong desire to develop your relationship. So, don’t be lazy and leave a voice message for a person you’ve had a great time with.

Online dating comes with some unwritten rules. But don’t worry, they are not hard to remember and they surely will bring you lots of benefits if you keep them in mind.