All You Need to Know About LET-LOK Tube Fittings

The HAM-LET Group has been producing high-quality, leak-tight tubing for every kind of system since 1950. In fact, the group is still leads the market with its LET-LOK® brand – the most high-quality, cutting-edge leak-tight tube fitting systems around.


About LET-LOK®

For the widest range of state-of-the-art hi-tech industrial-standard mechanisms that efficiently seal and grip tubing, look no further LET-LOK®. The brand is the perfect solution for a wide variety of industrial applications as the mechanisms are available in many different kinds of materials. Moreover, the systems are custom-made to withstand severe and high pressure environments.

 Let-Lok systems are the culmination of over 50 years of time and energy invested by industry experts in their research, design, development and manufacture. The result is a product that is fully capable of meeting the fast-increasing industry demand for tube fittings that can endure use in high-performance, high-pressure and vacuum settings, such as fluids, power, nuclear, petrochemicals, electronics, and other important industrial applications.

How LET-LOK® Works

LET-LOK® connectors are extremely easy to use and to assemble. First of all one inserts the tube straight into the entire assembly until the tube bottoms-out against the fitting body. The mechanical force that results from turning the nut clockwise, drives the two ferrules forward between the nut and the fitting body. Then the back ferrule is pushed up against the front ferrule’s tapered rear and the front ferrule is in turn forced into the tapered mouth of the body.  Next, the rear ferrule is swaged outwardly inwards on the tube while elating the front ferrule out in order to form a full-faced seal on the tapered surface of the body. Lastly, the 3/4 and 11/4 turn (depending on the size) of the nut from the hand-tight position, ensures tight-proof drive of all the sealing components. This provides supplementary assurance that the seal can endure high pressure and high vacuum conditions.

Assurance Guaranteed

For the HAM-LET group providing clients with safety is essential. Every LET-LOK® connector has been put through and passed a sequence of austere tolerance tests, including tests for vibration, vacuum, impulse, temperature, and high-pressure. Also, each fitting is created according to the most rigorous standards with state-of-the-art computerized mechanization and have proved their sturdiness in withstanding all strenuous conditions. Their ability to be leak-tight also resides in their mechanical advantage and geometry.

Clients are also given plenty of information and guidelines to make sure they select the correct LET-LOK® connector for their application. This also ensures supreme outcomes that are safe. A good example is that clients in the gas industry are highly advised to select tubing with greater wall viscosity for added safety and efficiency. It is not just important to choose connectors consistent with specific application requirements, but to install, operate and maintain them correctly. To guarantee personal safety one also needs to choose a connector taking application details, product ratings, and material compatibility, into consideration.

 HAM-LET provides clients with the peace of mind that all LET-LOK® fittings were manufactured by skilled craftsmen and according to the highest quality-control standards to guarantee customer safety and satisfaction all the way through.