Are You Aware Of The Ideal Benchmarks Of Choosing The Perfect All In One Computer?

What should you do when your good old 15-inch display laptop starts giving you a ‘cramped’ feeling, especially when your job demands you to work from a single location? Of course, attaching an extra screen to the notebook, or opting for a tower PC with another monitor might give you a temporary relief. But why take all the pains when you can go straight to an investment that can give you more beyond every penny you spend? To put it simply, go for an AIO (all in one) desktop and see what it does to you. While searching and shopping for your AIO, there are, however, a few things that you should be particularly meticulous about.

Here’s lowdown on the must-things to check.

Look Atthe Display

The display of your AIO desktop should literally be the first thing to check is the display. You might find cheaper quality units that typically come with a standard 20 inch screens. They can be an ideal option for you if you need something for places where space management can be a problem (think of your dorm or lab). However, when it comes to AIO units, the larger display you manage, the better. With a quality 23 inches unit, which you can find in, you can get at least a full HD 1,920-x 1,080-resolution. With larger screens, the picture resolution just goes higher and crispier than ever! And with a bigger, better screen, you get the opportunity to view almost 3-4 page wide spreadsheet, a feature that really comes handy when you need to do multitasking. Again, those having somewhat weaker eyesight can enhance the font size of Excel Spreadsheets, and/or Word Documents, while maintaining lots of information on the screen.


When your work demands you to do a lot of detailed photo-editing, or manipulating intricate spreadsheets, or performing a lot of computer intensive jobs, then nothing short of a CPU with desktop processor tend to work for you perfectly. However, if your work is a little less demanding, then you can choose from the thinner, quieter mobile CPUs. They are, in fact, less power consuming, as well.


Shop around for units that give you at least 6GB-8GB of memories. Most AIOs you see in bestadvisor.comoffer an easy memory expansion system, thus giving you the ease of adding more memory as and when you need to. Make sure that you do the necessary market research before zeroing in on any unit.

Graphics Cards

Does your work involve planning and creating gaming models with complex graphics? Then make sure that you look for an AIO that offers discrete graphics. Typically, the manufacturers of standard discrete graphics test their units through a number of benchmarks similar to that of gaming PCs. This includes 3D Mark Fire Strike and also inbuilt tools of games like Hitman, Grand Theft Auto 5 and the like. Not only that, the graphic cards are also put through intensive performance tests, which makes working with AIO discrete graphics cards give you a smoother working experience.