Deployment Software: How It Will Help You?

To deploy a software means to put a program into operation on the network. This is actually what you do nearly every day while working as a network manager. A software deployment can be done either manually or with the help of a special kit.

Manual VS Automated Software Deployment: What to Choose?

When you choose to put new programs on the network manually, you often become dependent on a human factor. You can hire an employee, who will deploy new software on your network. Every time when this man is off work, you get a trouble as you need to find a person who has enough skills and knowledge to deploy new software successfully.

Moreover, people are prone to mistakes so be ready that your network manager (even if he is the best one) will make some mistakes while deploying new programs. Finally, deploying new programs on the network manually is a time consuming process: your network manager will spend quite a lot of his working time on tedious tasks.

Is there any solution of this problem? Of course, yes! We advise you to use an automated software deployment instead of the manual one: you can try your hands with a special program that will help you put new programs in operation on your network. For instance, you can try your hands with Total Software Deployment (TSD).

TSD: Why Should I Choose It?

TSD is considered to be one of the most powerful software deployment tools as it gives you an opportunity to deploy multiple software packages on the unlimited number of computers. It means, a network administrator can determine the number of packages to be deployed and specify the number of computers that will be involved in the network deployment. Finally, it’s quite easy to initiate the deployment process as what you need to do is a single click of your mouse.

You can also apply for TSD as a network management tool: you can use this program to scan your network and reveal all the software operating on your network. The scanning process is also conducted rather quickly: you don’t need to install special agents on the machines on the network to scan them. The only thing you are required here is the administrator’s password.

Today, we have shared some information about an automated software deployment. We hope that our post will help you ease your work in some way.