Estimating software UK

How to find the best estimating software for UK-based contractors

A big part of running a profitable contracting operation is taking advantage of the best estimating software UK professional’s use every day to improve the profitability of their businesses, a task more challenging in practice then it seems on the surface.

Sure, there are plenty of estimating software UK options available on the market right now to pick and choose from and folks think this is going to make the process a lot simpler and more straightforward. However, all of those different options are going to share many core features with very few essential differentiations – and that’s where finding the perfect system for your company becomes a real difficulty.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your hands on only the very best estimating software UK contracting companies are making the most of right now!

Estimating databases need to be updated regularly

As a professional contractor, you are going to need to be able to provide incredibly accurate estimates every single day of your business life, and that means that you’re going to need constantly updated information about supply prices, material costs, and labour expenses.

The best estimating software UK options available on the market today utilize database technology that is constantly updated (some of it updated every single day), guaranteeing that you are always providing your customers with the most accurate quotes and estimates possible.

Built-in CRM technology

You also need to have built-in Customer Retention/Relationship Management (CRM) technology with the estimating software UK application you decide to forward with.

This is going to make the estimating process a lot more streamlined (as you will be able to refer to all of the contacts you have had with your potential customers/previous clients), but it’s also going to help really streamlined the sales process for your salesman as well. They’ll be able to refer to all the necessary details and information about quotes in a single source solution, giving them access to the details they need to close deals and help you build your business.

Scheduling systems are a big plus as well

Estimating software UK applications should also have scheduling systems built right in that work with your company’s intranet and calendar system, allowing you to keep all of your contractors, subcontractors, and critical employees in the loop as far as upcoming projects are concerned.

The overwhelming majority of lost profit in contracting companies has to do with difficulty in scheduling, scheduling overlaps, and other problems managing a construction calendar. When you’re estimating software has built-in scheduling tools that clears up these conflicts effortlessly you’re able to really hit the ground running without any trouble at all.

Invoicing systems are a bonus, too

Finally, allowing you and your core employees to go directly from an estimate to an invoice – without any “static” in between – dramatically streamlines your business operation. This is going to make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle, is going to help you get paid faster, and makes managing your business and your books a lot easier as well.