I Have Decided What I Want to Do

I have been trying to earn some money to get a car once I turn 16 in a few months, so right now I am trying to find work while it is summer and there is time for me to earn money. At any rate the child labor laws limit what I can do, but I have been going around looking for yard work. I have found a few people who are willing to pay me, but of course they expect me to do a good job. One of them is a web developer and that was how I got to thinking about the fact that he has all of the stuff that you would want from a career. I do not really know exactly what he does, but I have been studying up on it and trying to figure out what I need to learn before I am going to be able to do what he does. Of course the guy is in his late twenties and he has a house and a nice car, along with a really good looking girlfriend. Obviously those are exactly the sort of things that you want from a job.

I do not know him that well, I just mow his grass. When I get done he pays me and gives me a cold glass of ice tea. I have talked to him and he says that most of what he learned he had to teach himself. After all when you get down to the crux of any thing, you are the one who is going to benefit from an education and you are the person who is going to be responsible for how good it is. The entire thing is about how much you want to get things done and so you have to want it.