The significance of business data that is easy to navigate

Business analytics is such a vast field. It has been integrated into virtually all industries. By having a business driven analysis of all your statistics and data, you are already one step ahead. What if there was an easier way to compile and share this information for further processing? Well, there is! And it has manifested in the form of QlikView®, Qlik® Connectors and Qlik® Embedded Analytics.

What is QlikView®?

This business intelligence platform provides flexible visual interpretations of data. It presents data analysis in a way that is easy to manipulate and share.

Qlikview® captures data

It personalises and integrates data according to any number of business goals. It also allows you to focus on certain data so that you can get the exact answers you need. Before analysis can commence, the vast amount of data has to be captured. Qlikview® makes this simple.

Qlikview® distributes data

Data can easily be shared which makes it possible for real-time collaboration by an entire team. Group collaboration leads to thorough insights that produce the best business outcome for your team’s project.

Qlikview® analyses data

Qlik Sense reveals trends and allows you to draw comparisons in order for you and your team to fully understand the changes in data and what they mean for you and your clients.

What are Qlik® Connectors?

Qlik® Connectors allow you to combine and customise information from numerous platforms and sources. You can add existing spreadsheets and website data to your captured information. It even allows you to extract data from compatible sources with its built-in connective abilities.

You can use this feature from anywhere and on any device that has internet connection. You even have the option to use built-in connectors or to create your own using the Qlik® technology that is available to you. Now you can merge internal and external data: no hassle and no fuss.

What is Qlik® Embedded Analytics?

Embedded Analytics by Qlik® allows sharing and development of straightforward and easy-to-use business analysis tools. Qlik® has made a platform that allows you to use visualisations of data with QIX (Qlik Indexing Engine).

For business analytics that works for you choose Qlik® and the innovative tools they provide.