What Engineering Program Is Right For You?

If you’re considering getting an engineering degree, you’ve made a great choice. Not only are engineers always in high demand, but the field offers an incredible variety of options, and thanks to today’s rapidly developing new technologies, new ones are always being created. Before you chose program, be sure you’ve done your homework first and that the school is fully accredited. A degree from a non-accredited school is literally worthless. Be wary of those for-profit schools that often advertise on daytime and late night TV. Many are outright scams and even the ones that aren’t often make promises they simply can’t keep. You should also note that if you go through one of those schools and then want to transfer to a university, it’s very unlikely the credits you have will transfer over with you.

When deciding what path to take, consider both your strengths and passions. For example, computer engineering is ideal for those who enjoy technology and hardware. Computer engineers develop and design circuit boards, networks, routers and other computer components. Conversely, if you enjoy coding and programming, software engineering is the way to go.

If you have an interest in the medical field, a biomedical engineering program may be ideal for you. Biomedical engineers design, develop and maintain devices used to diagnose and treat many medical conditions. They also develop new medications and treatments using technology.

If serving your community Is a goal, consider civil engineering. Civil engineers design and develop critical infrastructure for cities and states like bridges, roads, dams and buildings. Electrical or mechanical engineering is a good choice for those who like to work with machines or electrical systems.

If you’re not sure which path to take, don’t panic. You won’t have to choose until the third year of your program. Before then you will be busy with your general education requirements and electives,click here for information.

If you’re wondering if you should choose an online program or a traditional one, the choice is pretty much made for you. Engineering programs are quite rigorous and require a lot of lab time, so you will have to be on campus more often than not. Your general education requirements can most likely be taken online if you like.

Finally, if finances are a concern, and you are currently employed, check with your HR department to see if they offer tuition reimbursement or assistance. Most schools also offer financial aid help.